Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 5 cont.

The intracranial pressures have risen some after the surgery... they are taking some measures to keep it down, but prayer will work the best so keep praying!  Pray for his oxygen levels to remain strong, and his lab work to normalize. Pray for healing for his brain.  Pray for wisdom, knowledge, skill, and compassion for his doctors and nurses and others.  Pray for peace and comfort, strength and courage for Tina, Spencer and myself.  Pray also for Sydney, Lucas' girlfriend who love each other very much.  Above all pray for God's perfect plan to continue and that He would be glorified in all this. I cannot tell how many are praying... but we feel His power through you all.

Day 5 cont.

Lucas has been stable since surgery. His intracranial pressures remain in an acceptable range. Please pray they would not rise.  There is not much more that could be done except for more aggressive surgery. We continue to pray for full healing, and know that God is the great physician and that there is nothing beyond his control.

Day 5 cont.

2:00 pm

Thank you all for your prayers. Lucas' surgery went better than we expected.  We were told to expect they would take any damaged brain tissue and were concerned as this was obviously an indication of irreversible changes. But the report was good, no apparent damage on the external surface of the brain, and no removal of any tissue. We still do not know the extent of damage underlying, but we know we serve a God who is the great physician and can heal what we cannot comprehend.

Lucas is still critically injured and we have no idea about chances for survival. But his life is in the Lord's hands, not ours, and our hope is in Him, not ourselves. Pray for healing. Pray against blood clots, infection, and other complications. Pray for his intracranial pressures to remain low. Our hope is for his salvation, but pray that even in his state the Lord may speak to him if he does not already know Him, for He is sovereign in all things.

We know that for some unforeseen time frame we will have many ups and downs... but we are determined to keep our feet planted firmly on the rock of the Lord, and let the maelstrom swirl around us, rather than trying to swim in it. Pray we would be faithful in this.

Thanks again for all your texts, calls, emails, and visits.  They mean so much to us.  We would like to limit visitors in Lucas' room for the next few days to give him every opportunity to rest, but are happy to meet with anyone who visits. We feel greatly loved by so many, and the grief you share with us takes the burden away from us.

1 Thess 5:17

Day 5 cont.

Lucas' pressures have increased to the point the neurosurgeons have nothing medical to offer. Their only option is for emergency surgery to remove the front of the skull to relieve the pressure.  Because there is significant damage to the frontal aspect of the brain, the neurosurgeon feels removal of that part will be necessary, since it will not hold to the rest of the brain. They will preserve any viable tissue.  This is a life saving surgery with significant risks. Without it they feel he would most certainly die within a few hours, and with it they still have little hope. We have agreed to the surgery, realizing that even with recovery Lucas would have changes in personality. We are praying that our decision is the right one and that if it is not that God would intervene to prevent him from having the surgery. In all this we trust in God to be at work for His purposes. He had already left for the OR before we could get to his bedside. Pray for him. Pray for us.

Day 5

Lucas' intracranial pressures increased during the night. They have him on a cooling blanket to lower his temp and metabolism and also have increased his pentobarbital to further lower his brain activity and metabolism. Please pray for lower pressures.  His sodium was improved which is good and he started on nutrition via an IV last night. Pray for a restful day for him and that the Lord will heal him.  Continue to pray for Tina, Spencer, and myself.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 4 cont.

Thank you all for your continued prayers for Lucas. Pray he will have a good night and that his intracranial pressures will decrease and the swelling in the brain will resolve. Pray for God's healing of his brain. Pray for management of all other problems which are secondary to the neurological concerns.

Tina and I are home tonight to be with our younger son and will return tomorrow. Thanks also for your love and concern for our family in this
very difficult time. We love you all.

Day 4 cont.

The neurosurgeons opted yesterday to put Lucas into a chemically induced coma to rest brain activity as much as possible to lower the intracranial pressure. This seems to have worked, but CT scans do show extensive brain injury. He has extensive other injuries but these are secondary. Please continue to pray for a miraculous hea...ling for him. Pray for wisdom, strength, comfort and peace for Tina, my son Spencer, and myself.

Day 4

We have created this blog to serve as a central update area for those praying Lucas Little.  Thank you for your love and support of our son and ourselves in this difficult time.