Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 4

We have created this blog to serve as a central update area for those praying Lucas Little.  Thank you for your love and support of our son and ourselves in this difficult time.


  1. Betsy Christiansen is my friend and told me of Lucas. Please add my name to those who are praying for him and you. Certainly all we can do is pray and hang onto God's promises and His goodness. My prayer for you is for peace and comfort as you go through this dark valley. Phil 4:6,7. Love Bo Bashinsky, M.D.

  2. Gaz from the UK

    Hi Burnie and Tina,

    we met at Redeemer 3 weeks ago through Patrice Thrift. I shall be praying not only for Lucas' recovery but for the Peace of Jesus, which passes normal comprehension, upon you Burnie and Tina.

    My heart goes out to you both and feel so deeply touched by your son's 'predicament.' I cannot begin to understand what you are both going through, but please know, people care, and fellow believers are lifting you all up before The Throne of Grace and petitioning God for His Mercy in this situation.

    There is only One Family under God and we are encircling you with our prayer and affection.

    With brotherly love, through Him who first loved us

    Gaz Moses

  3. May God give you strength, courage & peace through this time. I pray that God would put a healing hand on Lucas. Our church/Pinnacle Baptist will be praying for you.
    Libby/Maplewood Family

  4. One year ago a dear friend of mine was in a serious car accident that left her unborn baby dead and her in a coma. The family was told she would be a vegetable. We prayed continuoosly for a miracle and God delivered! I will pray for your son and pray for a miracle for your him and your family. God Bless you and keep you