Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 5

Lucas' intracranial pressures increased during the night. They have him on a cooling blanket to lower his temp and metabolism and also have increased his pentobarbital to further lower his brain activity and metabolism. Please pray for lower pressures.  His sodium was improved which is good and he started on nutrition via an IV last night. Pray for a restful day for him and that the Lord will heal him.  Continue to pray for Tina, Spencer, and myself.


  1. We are praying constantly, as the Spirit reminds us, for a complete and miraculous healing for Lucas. We also pray for the Little family that you would feel the Lord's presence all around you, that His comfort and peace would fill your hearts and minds. If there is anything else that we can do for you, please let us know.

    With love and many prayers,
    Lillian and Chris Madden

  2. From Steven Curtis Chapman's song: "I Will Trust You"
    God, I trust You
    I will trust You
    I know Your heart is good
    I know Your love is strong
    And I know Your plans for me
    Are much better than my own

    Praying for the doctors, nurses, staff, you, Tina, Spencer, that all of you feel God's presence and love and that He will guide and direct Lucas' care providers and give them divine wisdom and strength.

  3. Burnie, Tina, and Spencer,
    The entire Van Zandt family continues to pray for you all, and especially for Lucas' recovery.