Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 6 cont.

Please continue to pray for God's healing touch on my son. How I wish I could trade places with him, but I am unable. But thanks be to God that His Son was also willing and able to trade places with us. And He is able to heal completely, body and spirit.

 Pray for a restful night for Lucas. That his pressures would normalize and that he would have no compications. Pray for knowledge, wisdom, skill, and compassion on the part of the nurses, doctors and others taking care of him. Pray for wisdom on our part in hard decisions and pray for trust in the Lord as he works through those taking care of him.

Finally, thanks to all of you who are praying. I don't know how many... certainly more than read this blog. Please pray without ceasing, that your prayers may be a fragrant aroma to our Lord and that He might find favor in granting us our desires. Nevertheless... not our will, but His.

God is good.


  1. Yes, yes, and AMEN!
    We are many out here waiting in HOPE with you all...and praying as you've shared!
    He is Able.
    And Mighty to save.
    Our God does not slumber.
    Praying deep peace and rest for you, too.

  2. Amen and Amen to yours and Beth's prayers, too. I was specifically praying for his caregivers when I woke up last nite... the Spirit was nudging us both there, yes?
    God hears and answers! And He love Lucas even more than you do - more than we can even imagine.
    Still with ya!
    Betsy C.
    PS... I leave for Mexico Saturday, Burnie and Tina, so you won't hear from me next week - but we'll all pray for you and Lucas.

  3. Burnie and Family,

    There are so many lifting you all up when we wake up, all through the day, and before we fall asleep. May Gods Peace and Comfort be with you and especially with Lucas.

    Teresa Blemings

  4. The prayer team at River Oaks Church is in prayer for Lucas and your family. In Him, Lauren

  5. Burnie and Family, praying every hour for you son Lucas. I am praying for complete healing!! Millicent