Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 13

1230 pm

Lucas had some continued respiratory issues overnight and had a bronchoscopy this morning to clear out some of his right lung and seems to be doing better from that standpoint.

His intracranial pressures remain acceptable. His blood pressure still requires multiple medications to keep it up, but seems a little better today. He has tolerated being repositioned in bed without significant drops. His temperature is back to normal this morning (he was on a cooling blanket before to keep his metabolism low.)

At this time we are just waiting for his system to clear the medication that induced a coma and are praying he will demonstrate neurological function. We continue to pray for God's work in restoring the structure and function of his brain. Please also continue to pray for his other problems, known and unknown, that they would not worsen or otherwise cause any other complications.

Thank you for your continued prayers for our family as well. We are strengthened and encouraged and feel God's peace. We are in His rest (Matthew 11:28). Pray especially for God to give us great wisdom and peace in the hours and days ahead... this is the extent of our short and long term for now. Pray that we would not grow weary in prayer.

We have asked that you also pray for Adam Root (www.adamrootfamily.blogspot.com). He is being discharged from the hospital and going to a rehabilitation unit. This is a great praise. Pray for continued healing and God's grace to be upon him and his family.

Blessings to you all who lift us up and are being used by God to encourage and refresh us. We are grateful.

God is good.


  1. We are with you in your prayers, continue to lean into the mighty arms of your Father. He loves you deeply and is active in this with you. Father we ask you to continue to wrap your arms around Lucas and heal his body.

  2. I'm praying for Lucas and your family, Burnie and Tina. Staff of Meadowlark Middle School is keeping your family in their thoughts and prayers.

  3. I know it may sound redundant..but we are praying...middle of night and all day the Lord hears our pleading. So encouraged that Adam has made such progress. We miss you! Keep reading God's promises over Lucas. God's word is so powerful.

  4. It is never redundant to hear of continued prayers, only encouraging! Spent time this afternoon reading to Lucas the scriptures that many have shared.